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My Fantastic 1st. Year Status 

So many fantastic things has happened to me during the first year, since the release of my debut CD, - ‘A Dream Come True’. On this page I will share my first year status with you. I never imagined that my CD would ever get THIS much attention! Far beyond my wildest dreams. I am so thankful and proud of it all, - it’s almost like it was ‘meant to be’ and it sure is A DREAM COME TRUE in so many ways!


On Nov 18th. 2005 my  Debut CD, with 12 of my own original songs, was sent to just 21 fantastic DJs around the world! Here is what happened since then:


I have become THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on reporting Independant Country Radio Stations outside of Denmark in 2006!


* 2500 spins jubilee on Dec. 3rd. 2006 = first year!...(that I know!)

* An average of +200 spins each month!.. (that I know of!)...for 12 months!

* 7 spins in average per day for a year, & all over the world!

* 6 of my songs released on compilation CDs (see my compilation page).

* 134 times on the Charts somewhere (not counting soundclick!)...even in the top (as #4 worldwide – See my Top of Charts page)!

* 10 of my songs on the ECMA Charts as most played songs 61 times in total!

* Recieved great airplay for ALL of my songs.

* Had breakthrough on National Danish Radio and ongoing airplay.

* 2 songs on Soundclick for download.

* My CD sold on CD-Baby and directly from me to people from all over the world.

* 120 DJs are playing my songs (that I know of! I'm told it's even MUCH more!)

* Plans of recording more songs in 2007.

* Several spotlight shows in DK, Sweden and on PalTalk/Shoutcast (see below)

* Been asked to sing duets with major indie artists.

* Been told that my songs grow on people! (I love to hear that!)

* Gotten fantastic responses and reviews from all over the world! (check my Reviews page)....so I do feel so blessed!


AIRPLAY on radio stations all around the world in:

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark (including National Danish Radio, P4 and DR Country internet radio), Sweden, Norway, UK, Netherland, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Japan, Malta, Italy, Israel & worldwide / on the Internet.


Oct. 17th. 05: One hour exclusive program with DJ Anne-Lykke Elling in DK.
Dec. 1st. : ALBUM OF THE MONTH on 'Country Action Show', BJ the DJ in DK.
Dec. 1st. : LITTLE OLD WOMEN = SONG OF THE MONTH on Ctry Boy Eddi show,DK.
Dec. 21st. 05: One hour exclusive program with DJ Ejgil Stahmer Hansen in DK.
Jan. 5th. 06: One hour exclusive program with DJ Dann Hansen in DK.
Jan. 21st. 06: ALBUM OF THE WEEK on Country Side, DJ Etienne Berthels, Belgium.
Jan. 15th. 06: Half an hour exclusive program with DJ Kristian Klok in DK.
Jan. 22nd. 06:One hour exclusive program with DJ
Robin Cox in DK.
Jan. 23rd. 06: One hour exclusive program with DJ Dann Hansen in DK. (replay)
Jan. 27th. 06: 'In the spotlight' with DJ Tommy Dean in USA.

March 19th. 06: One hour exclusive show with DJ Stig Tornqvist, CMR, Sweden. 
April 06: Spotlight and ‘ALBUM OF THE WEEK’ with DJ Cor Laponder, Holland.
April 2006: Spotlight show with DJ
Crystal Dream
, Canada.
May-July 06: Several Spotlight shows with DJ Frank Conour, USA
Sept. 9th. 06: 1,5 hours Spotlight & live interview with DJ Donna Lynn USA.
Nov. 13th. 06: One hour exclusive show with DJ Gyda S. Hansen, Radio Midtfyn, DK.

Dec. 17th. 06: Spotlight show with DJ Frank Conour, USA



And further more:
Sept. 1st..: What Makes A Good Day Good’ was #4 most played song on Joyce Ramgaties Charts.
Sept. 10th: Major Independant Artist Of The Week on Joyce Ramgaties Board.
Oct. 10th.:  Major Independant Artist Of The Week again on Joyce Ramgaties Board.
Nov. 8th: ‘When Heaven Calls’ was #3 most played song on Joyce Ramgaties charts.

Nov. 25th.: ‘It’s Buying Time Again’ awarded Song Of The Week by MIAOTW, Netherlands.