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Who am I?....

Ulla Lindstroem on Facebook

Some Background Information:


I live in the country side of Hillerød, near Copenhagen in Denmark.

I work with Human Resources in a Global IT-Services company.

I’m a ‘self made’ person in almost every way.

My motto is: ‘Everything happens for a reason, and when the time is right’. (No coincidences!)

I’m a ‘stubborn’ Capricorn (Jan. 15th.): anything is possible! Climb every mountain!

I don’t sing with a band right now….except my Mikron Dream Team Band in The US.

I do lectures about ‘making Dreams Come True’.


Some History – Musical Background:


For many years I have been singing with bands: Country Music, Swing Music, and Rock-Pop-Oldies.

As 8 years old I wrote my first song (lyrics & melody) – later published in a Guitar textbook.

As 12 years old I started writing personal songs (lyrics) for party-celebrations for friends.

As 15 years old I learnt ‘a few chords’ on the guitar.

As 15 years old I started writing lots of songs (lyrics & melodies).

As 17 years old I started writing songs (lyrics & melodies) for local Revues & Cabarets .

As 17 years old I started singing in my first band, a Country Band called ‘Just Us’ (..modest, but great! J)

As 20 years old I wrote a jingle-song for Danish Radio, P2 (‘Syng & Spil med’) used for a couple of years.

I have never really been ‘educated in music’, but I come from a home full of music and with a piano.

For several years I was singing Swing music with ‘Mostly Swing’, with Frits Von Bülow sometimes.

For several years I was singing with ‘5WD’, a party band: Country, Rock, Pop.

Performances: almost ‘everywhere’ in North-East Denmark incl. Radio Shows on DR.

Translating songs from English to Danish is a ‘habit/hobby’.

Since childhood I have been acting in local amateur theatres, mostly Musicals, Revues & Cabarets.

Performances in fx.: Hillerød Revy, Revy Chancen, Mød mig på Cassiopeia, Sommer i Tyrol and lots more.

Since 1998 I have directed / instructed / produced / been song coach on Musicals on a local Theatre stage.

Productions: Annie, Skatteøen, Ester, Frk. Nitouche, Farinelli, and more.