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All of my songs are very important to me! They are all songs from my heart and the lyrics all have their very special meaning to me, they are not just words. On this page I will share some of the dedications and stories behind the songs. You will find a lot of spirituality and my true beliefs and values of life in all of the songs and also so humor. I love to make people THINK & FEEL & LAUGH. Enjoying life while you are here, that's what it is all about. So you will find only optimistic and positive lyrics on 'A Dream Come True'. Listen to samples of my songs click here.  

All my Lyrics and stories behind the songs can be found HERE.

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This is an overview of my debut CD "A Dream Come True':


Title / Lyrics


Story / Dedications


Magic Music

Swing /Jazzy

Slow & swing


Is there anything like music, that brings people together, starts new friendships and impact your mood and dreams?


Little Old Women



Dedicated to my mum, Daisy Lindstroem and my Grandma, Rosa Petersen.  Family tale.

With an open mind, positive thinking and love at heart, there are no limit to, what even ‘Little old women’ can do! Just make your dreams come true! Live your life with no regrets!


How Come I Care



Dedicated to Mike Headrick.

Once in a while you meet a special new friend that you feel you know already!

This song was written on plane home from my first recording session at Mikron Studio.


It Didn’t Happen Overnight


Happy tempo

Dedicated to my husband, Uwe Haegg.

Even if it isn’t ‘love at first sight’, it may turn out to be ‘the love of your life’! So don’t give up too easily! The strongest bonds are made with care!


You’ve Gotta Love



Dedicated to my husband, Uwe Haegg and written for our anniversary. It’s all the ‘little things’ that matters and loving the everyday life together.


It’s Buying Time Again

Happy tempo

Fun J

Dedicated to my husband, Uwe Haegg.

But I’m pretty sure that all spouses of musicians will recognise the theme: They always “need” more new “toys”, don’t they?


When Heaven Calls


Slow Waltz

Inspired by a lot of spiritual books and readings about ‘after life / near death -experiences’ etc. Fx. Raymond A Moody & Elisabeth Kübler Ross’ research & documentation. There is no such thing as ‘dead’! No coincidences! So,…nothing to be scared of!


Don’t Care What People Say


Happy tempo

Listen to good advice…but follow your own heart and mind…only YOU know what is good for you, and what will make you happy! So GO for it and trust your inner voice!


What Makes A Good Day Good?

Happy tempo

Fun J

It’s all perception!!! The way you look at the world and how you ‘interpret’ what’s going on and happening to you! You always have the choice to change!

Warning: you might get a laugh at the end!!!


Seasons & Cycles



Slow Waltz

All the seasons and cycles of life and nature, has its purpose, charm and miracles…so cherish the present and enjoy it all!


Steelers Of The World

Happy Swing

Fun J

Dedicated to all the Steel Guitar Players on ‘the Forum’, as a tribute to their community, their dedication to always helping each other, and always striving to be better on the most complicated instrument in the world, - keeping Country music alive....My kind of guys! What a ‘Clan’ (‘Cult’?) 


A Dream Come True


A kind of wrap-up…Make your dreams come true, while you can! What would make a difference to you? Enjoy the process of ‘turning your dreams into memories’…share your joy….and then start dreaming something new! I know I will! Thanks!!!

© Copyright Ulla Lindstroem, Nov. 2005. Published with permission from KODA & NCB.