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Reviews & Feedback

Pete Smith’s Reviews, - The Advertiser, UK,  – January 6th. 2006: I am always a little excited when I receive an album from Denmark for I can always be assured of some good (at times great) country music. Ulla, a new name to me until I received this album, has not let herself, or her country, down with this excellent programme of original songs. The twelve tracks are optimistic and though there is the odd sentimental ballad, keep the listener believing that it is really a good old world out there and that there are plenty of ups in the future the compensate for the downs in the present. Ulla has a lovely voice and a lot of charm which she portrays in a variety of tempos but all could be labelled easy listening. The title track refers to this album recorded in Tennessee under the astute direction (and featuring) that magnificent multi-instrumentalist Mike Headrick. Check out; “Magic Music”, “When Heaven Calls” and “Seasons And Cycles”.


Pete Smith's Reviews, The Advertiser, UK, February 6th. 2006: This is Ulla’s first album, recorded in Tennessee, and is her “dream come true”. She has a lovely voice which she uses to good effect on twelve self-penned songs. An easy listening programme that has a strong air of optimism about it thanks to the charming ballad “Little Old Women”, the joyous ode to everlasting love “It Didn’t Happen Overnight”, the swing ballad “It’s Buying Time” and the country jazz number “Steelers Of The World”.


Ole Dantoft, Denmark! I'm listening to the CD as I write this and it's really a pleasure to listen to! Ulla : The more I listen to your album, the more I realize that there's a lot in your vioce that reminds me of Karen Carpenter - one of the best voices ever in pop/country, in my very humble opinion ! You've done a great job indeed !! Comparing you to Karen Carpenter came naturally, 'cause you just have that same kind of phrasing and feeling that she had and your voice is obviously capable of producing that same deep, full sound that she had. I didn't know that she was one of your favorites of course, but it just shines through I hope you'll have a lot of success with this CD - you certainly deserve it!


Love your voice and music! Reviewer: Milton Wooldridge, Alabama, USA :
Your voice is clear as a bell.! Great.! Very good choice of songs..great sound..well arranged, and great musicians.! Keep up the good work Ulla..You were born to sing.! Best and Sincere Wishes to you!


Ulla has one of the Sweetest, Clearest Female Voices I have Ever Heard! Reviewer: Crystal Collins, Canada: Country Music isn't just about life,it is life. It is about what people face everyday. Ulla's music tells about her friends, family and her life. It is what people want to hear and she brings it to us in her easy listening voice that makes it a pleasure to hear. I am so happy also to call Ulla a Dear Friend. May your music live on forever Ulla.


The best debut-album I've ever heard! Reviewer: Ejgil Stahmer Hansen-DJ Radio Randers, Denmark: The best debut-album I've ever heard. Countryfans must have this cd. It's just the best. It can't be done better.


Wonderful clear voice and great writing in your music Ulla! Reviewer: Frank Conour, USA: Dear Ulla, I have DJ’ed in many rooms and have never heard such great sound and clarity. I also noticed you have 4 songs that could even be concidered gospel. I hope soon you will do another cd and get some gospel in it as well.


Wowwwwwwwwww! Reviewer: Cpt.Gee West, USA: Great songs clear voice awesome will have this cd in my collection forever.


Looking forward to your Greatest Hits already! Reviewer: Ulla Dalsgaard, Denmark: A great debut from a singer with heart, voice and a great sense of humour. Gets better and better the more you listen. Get the CD and share it with your loved ones - they'll like it too!


Absolutely wonderful to listen to! Reviewer: Joy Wofford, USA: Absolutely wonderful to listen to. Exudes warmth. Just a good quality CD with songs everyone can relate to...Ulla's lyrics are great. You won't be disappointed!!!


Great CD...great band.....great singer/writer! Reviewer: Johnny Baldwin, USA: Just heard Ulla for the first time and I am impressed. She writes songs that everyone can relate to and sings them with alot of heart. Keep up the great work. Buy this CD and you won't be disappointed.


Great CD! Reviewer: Bill Murphree,USA: Good vocals, good music, well put together cd. All songs are good. It's buying time again, great song. Good Job Ulla.


Steeler, Long Beach California, USA: Let me congratulate you on your outstanding CD. Your "Steelers Of The World" is great. Can't get the melody out of my head, and thats a good thing.                                                                         

Larry  Lorows, Cortland, NY, USA: Great job. I love everything about the cd. Every song is crafted to perfection and your super voice is perfect for each song!