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My Latest News - Updated on Feb. 22nd. 2009

Live On National Danish TV Talkshow Jan. 26th 2009:

Ulla Lindstroem on Facebook

One year after the release of my debut CD, I found myself to be THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on Reporting Independant Country Music Radio Stations outside of Denmark!...and I still am!

6200 Spins Jubilee on Jan. 1st. 2009! (only counting reported radio spins, that I know of! Not Soundclick etc.) This is, in average, SIX spins, (that I know of!), of my songs every single day, for over three years now, - and all over the world! Even on National Danish Radio! (DR/P4)!

Now 326 times on The Charts somewhere in the world - even in the TOP  And 5 recording sessions in Nashville by now.

My NEW (2nd) CD was released!! August 25th. 2008!

You can now also find me, Subscribe to me, and link to me as Friends and / or Fans on Facebook, YouTubeMySpaceNetlog, and in my  Clans (Forums) in there! Please feel very free to link to me and join as friends & fans. In fact that will be a GREAT HELP! 

DJs may also download 3 of my songs on AirPlay Direct!

Jan. 1st. 2009: My 2008 Status has been published, with even more news than listed below. THANK YOU from my heart to everybody who help me making my dream come true, in such a fantastic way.

Nov. 1st. 2008: My new CD got a breakthrough on National Danish Radio (DR). THE Mr. Music DJ on DR/P4, Jørgen de Mylius have played my new songs several times on Eldorado-show, - which is probably THE most popular Radio Show in DK! Also the Country Music Channel on DR has put my new songs on daily rotation! And DJs all over the world are playing all of my songs every single day too. AND I have gotten FANTASTIC reviews & feedback. So I am very honoured, happy and proud!   Bless you all!

August 25th. 2008: I am SO HAPPY and THRILLED to tell you, that my new CD "I Go On Dreaming" is now ready for release! My most supportive & favourit DJs will hear from me shortly! I am very busy right now, getting everything ready for CD Release 'Party' on Hillerød Kræmmermarked (stand nr. 2401) on August 28th.-31st. You may hear samples of all the new songs on my new video YouTube and/or here. Please leave me a comment!  You can read about my new CD & the songs here.

August 8th. 2008: I have added two new pages now! One with information about MY NEW CD and the songs on it, and another page with my Fairytale Story & Dream(s). I hope you will enjoy. More info will follow soon!

July 22nd. 2008: One of my NEW SONGS called 'HE'S FROM MARS'  has just been released on Country Discovery Records Summer / Fall 2008 Compilation CD and has started to hit the playlists on radio stations all over the world! I am so happy and thrilled by that. 'A DREAM COME TRUE' (the themesong from my debut CD) is on the way out on compilation CD on Artists Carousel compilation CD. And right now I am working hard on getting my new CD ready for release by the end of August 2008! I CAN'T WAIT to share it with the world!

March 31st. 2008: TODAY I am celebrating my 5000 spins & 300 times on the TOP OF THE CHARTS Jubilee!!! WOW DJs! THANK YOU ALL for making me SO HAPPY and PROUD!

March 24th 2008: I am now VERY close to celebrating my 5000 spins jubilee and my 300 times on the TOP of the Charts! My new Don't Trust A Man is still hanging on to the ECMA TOP 100 (since Aug. 07!) and I'm working on getting my next CD ready for release as soon as I can. THANKS for ALL support!

March 4th. 2008: I just returned back home from Nashville, with six new original songs recorded and lots of great musical experience (& jetlag) with me. I counted over 100 reported radio spins of my songs in the 3 weeks I was away and great DJs kept me on the Charts in Europe, the US and Internationally, which I am so proud of. My new YOU GOTTA BE POSITIVE also hit the ECMA Charts. THANKS for ALL support!

In February 2008 I returned to Nashville for my 5th. recording session, with six new original songs of my own, to finish my 2nd CD! Recordings took place in Mikron Recording studio, as always, and mixing on Music Row, downtown Nashville, where all the BIG STARS gets theirs done too!  

February 1st. 2008:  DON'T TRUST A MAN is still hanging on in the top of the ECMA Charts (since August 2007!).

January 18th. 2008: WOW! My new 'YOU GOTTA BE POSITIVE' is #12 most played song on international Country Charts! My DON'T TRUST A MAN is still hanging on in the top of the ECMA Charts (since August 2007!) And I just finished my last song for my 2nd. CD. So now I'm ready to go to Nashville again in just a few weeks to record. THANKS to everyone supporting me and my music!

December 27th. 2007: WOW! My new 'Don't Trust A Man' is now #12 on the ECMA Charts! I also counted my 4500 spins jubilee AND I finally managed to get a good profile on MySpace and started adding friends there! I finished two Danish Gospel songs, one of which I have translated to English and may add on my next CD! What a TOTALLY AWESOME YEAR 2007 has been for me! HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody and THANKS for all great things in 2007!  

December 15th. 2007: My new 'Don't Trust A Man' is on the ECMA TOP 30 charts for the 16th. week in a row - in total 50 times including the national charts!    Please see my Top Charts.

December 6th. 2007: Look out for my new song 'Gotta Be Positive' on Country Discovery Records winter 2007 compilation CD! It's in the mail for many DJs right now!  ...And my 'Don't Trust A Man' is still on ECMA TOP 30! 

November 5th. 2007: FIVE of my songs are on the ECMA Charts in FIVE countries and DON'T TRUST A MAN is #19 on ECMA TOP 100 - Now for 10 weeks in a row! Please see my Top Charts.   Also I'm #48 on the US Top Trax Charts!

October 19th. 2007: THREE of my songs are on the ECMA Charts in SIX countries and DON'T TRUST A MAN is #18 on ECMA TOP 100 - Now for 8 weeks in a row! Please see my Top Charts.  

I just got a site on NUMBER ONE MUSIC too...and WOW I have started getting lots of requests for NEWS-Letters from fans!...I hope they/YOU will all join my new Friends & FansClan on Netlog!

September 26th 2007: THREE of my songs are on the ECMA Charts in SIX countries and DON'T TRUST A MAN is #16 on ECMA TOP 100. Please see my Top Charts. 

September 19th 2007: FIVE of my songs are on the ECMA Charts in FIVE countries and DON'T TRUST A MAN is #27 on ECMA TOP 100. So today ALL of my 13 released songs has been somewhere on the ECMA Charts! WOW! Please see my Top Charts. 

September 4th. 2007: My new DON'T TRUST A MAN is on the ECMA Charts as #1 & 2 in UK & Polen and as #21 on Top 100!   And my 'What Makes A Good Day Good? is #8 in UK too!

August 23rd 2007: My new DON'T TRUST A MAN is on the ECMA Charts as #2,4,9 & 16 in FIVE Countries and as #21 on Top 50!  

August 16th 2007: My new DON'T TRUST A MAN is on the ECMA Charts as #1 & 2 in THREE Countries and as #10 on Top 50 !  

August 9th 2007: My new DON'T TRUST A MAN is on the ECMA Charts as #3 6 7 9 in FOUR Countries and as #15 on Top 50!  

July 18th 2007 is my lucky day!:  Today I had my 3800 spins jubilee (1200 of these in 2007!) AND I finished my first song co-written with Mr. Grant Wheeler (his Lyrics and my Melody). The song is called Forever And A Day. 

Inspired by the fantastic reviews and support from DJs all over the world, and all the joy that has given me during 2006, I have decided to make more music, now that it seems I can and people seem to like it! So there WILL be a second album from me one day...maybe by the end of 2007 / beginning of 2008!?....some more of my songs will be out on compilation CDs soon & before that. On this page I will update you on my latest news and my plans.

April 7th. 2007 my new DON'T TRUST A MAN is THE #1 most played single and I am #3 most played artist on TOP 200 Charts and I'm at 3200 spins!!! ...(according to posted playlists only...I know it's even much more)....I really don't believe my own eyes!  Being number 3 on Joyce Ramgaties  TOP 200 world wide charts is fantastic!... but having my new song as THE #1 most played single is like a miracle! Especially since I only sent that song to my TOP 25 most supportive DJs in the world! THANK YOU from my heart to ALL DJs supporting my dream and my music! Bless your hearts for all you do and for making me this happy!

March 18th. 2007 I celebrated my 3000 spins jubilee..   according to posted playlists (I know it's even much more!) ....AND 600 spins jubilee with DJ Joyce Ramgatie in the Netherlands.....AND 150 times on the Charts......AND 700 visitors on this, my NEW website (since Jan. 1st this year!)....ALL in one day!!!!. .....My TOP 25 DJs (as of today) and all DJs who played one of my songs on this big day, has recieved one of my very new songs as a small thanks for their wonderful support.

January 2007 status:  

I went back to Nashville to record six new original songs of my own and had the time of my life as you can read here....!

One of my new songs recorded is a duet with the amazing Jose Daniel that I'm sure you all know and love! The song is called 'How Is It Possible?' and it is about the miracle of true love that can actually develop via the internet between two people from different worlds. I was very proud and honoured that Jose asked me to write this duet and even wanted to record it with me too. Thank you Jose! It was a great pleassure doing this duet with you and meeting you and Barb! Thanks a million also to DJ & very dear friend Mr. Frank Conour for giving us the idea in the first place, inspiration for the song and for making the contact in the first place. Thank you from my heart Frank for all your ongoing and wonderful inspiration, support, love and care, that means the world to me. Love you Frank.  Picture of Jose & me.

Interview and live performance on two Nashville TV Shows!!!:  Mr. Keith Bradford from KMA Records in Nashville, so kindly invited me to be a guest on his two great TV shows. This was truly a wonderful surprise and honour to me and a fantastic pleasure to sing two of my own songs for even two Nashville TV shows - on Country, Music City Explosion & on Gospel On The Move Show. My performance will appear once in a while on the links above! WOW! Right now I'm on Part 1 on the Country show - with my song 'It's Buying Time Again' and interview! For the Gospel Show I performed my song called 'When Heaven Calls'. Thanks a million to Mr Keith Bradford for inviting me and for doing these great shows for and with me. See pictures.

Live interview and spotlight program on WICR/PalTalk & Shoutcast worldwide with DJ and artist Julie Taylor on January 28th. Thanks a million Julie for inviting me to do this show with you and also for inviting me to be a part of your new video too....so sorry it was at the same time as my TV show, but I loved that you asked and loved that you introduced me to Barbara Doss and all the other artists on the spot.

In the three weeks while I was away in Nashville I counted 130 spins of my songs worldwide and my 'When Heaven Calls' was even on the ECMA Charts again as #2 in Italy, #8 in Denmark & Sweden and #26 on TOP 50 most played songs. WOW! THANKS A MILLION DJs for making my dream come true over and over again! Bless your hearts for making me this happy and proud! May all your dreams come true too!

Artists & new friends I met with:  Jose Daniel, Milton Wooldrige, Julie Taylor, Troy Cook Jr., Barbara Doss, Michelle Raye, Gene Melendres, Marty Howard Chambers, John Hughey, The Time Jumpers, Keith Bradford and of course my new Mikron Dream Team Band.

Please see the new pictures from my trip in my Photo Album. Look at My Friends, Nashville and My New Mikron Studio to see who I met with etc! Thanks.

The Future?:

I now have 2 CDs with 24 original songs recorded and published and 'I GO ON DREAMING' ...like the Titlesong say, on my 2nd CD...I'm still dreaming of much more, like getting 'that invitation from The Grand Ole Opry'!

Translating my songs to Danish:  A very wellknown Danish artist has asked me to translate some of my songs for her, so she can record them for the Danish audience. I am VERY PROUD of that and looking forward to what that may bring.

More duets?...Several major independent artists has asked me to do duets with them. Just the fact that they ask, makes me very proud and of course I will love if that comes true too.

Getting some of my songs to some REAL big stars....or into some movies?....that may take another miracle...or a whole bunch of them....but ya gotta dream right? In Nov. 2008 I started working on this and in Dec. 2008 I got my first song forwarded to a Publisher & Music Library, after a screening by some real pros in the Music Business. So I am VERY PROUD of that!

My song 'What Makes A Good Day Good' ought to become The Themesong for The Dr. Phil Show, since it is all about what he 'preaches' too...not that I learned it from him though. Anyone with good connections?...Please let me know! Thanks!

 .....yeah....dreaming...dreaming & dreaming!....That never hurts!...and isn't that what life is about? Dream and live your dreams while you can!??