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My 1st. CD - 'A Dream Come True' -

My 2nd. CD - I Go On Dreaming (click here!).

I am SO HAPPY and PROUD to say that my debut CD has been released, on Country Discovery Records label! - It's still like a miracle and a fairytale to me...but it IS true!

If you wish to listen to my songs, you can hear 2 minutes samples of all the songs, by clicking here. Or see videos either here or on YouTube.

The cheapest and fastest way to get my CD is by ordering directly from me. Please see information in English & in Danish on my Buy CD  page.

So what is this CD about?
It's about making dreams come true. It's about being aware of and appreciating all the 'little things' in life. It is happy, positive and fun lyrics with some food for thoughts and reflections.

And what is the style?
Well, I will let you be the judge of the style! Some will call it Country, others will call it Pop or Easy Listening with a twist of swing or something in between. My producer, Mike Headrick, so kindly called it 'Nordic Country'. All I can say is that 'my style' seems to appeal to all kinds of people, from 5 years old to 95, (even DOGS!) no matter what musical preferences they normally have! So I am real happy with that.

It's 12 original and melodic songs, (all composed by me), 'wrapped up' and produced in the best professional 'Sound of Nashville', some positive 'life philosophic', humoristic and spiritual lyrics, and even added a little swing too. It's 52 minutes of joy, wonderful steel guitar and food for thoughts ....that is what everyone tells me,....and I love being 'classified' like that. I also love that people tell me that my songs 'grow on them'.

Please feel very free to comment in my Guestbook. I would love hearing from you all!

Please listen to my songs now
, and decide how YOU like it!

Once again THANK YOU to all the dear DJs in the world for your FANTASTIC support and great reviews of, and responses to my all of my songs. Placing me repeatedly on the charts as 'Most Played Country Mainstream Artist'  and ALL of my songs (see My Top Of Charts) as 'Most Played songs' on the ECMA Charts, that truly warms my heart and goes far beyond my wildest dreams! I can never thank you enough for that!

May all your dreams come true too!

WARM SMILES to all of you

One year after the release of my debut CD, I find myself to be THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on Reporting Independant Country Music Radio Stations outside of Denmark!

Guess I must have done something right!?

To read about My 2nd. CD - I Go On Dreaming (click here!).