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Would you like to Support My Dream?

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If you like my story and my music, and want to support me and my dream, so I can move on and make even more music, and spread some happy vibes around the world, there are plenty of ways YOU CAN HELP ME if you care to. Below I have listed a number of ways that ANYONE in the world can make a BIG difference to me, and it doesn't have to cost you a dime (...just 'a time' )

Of course I am so happy everytime I sell a CD, a single song or recieve a Tip or Donation, who wouldn't be!? I am SO THANKFUL for every dime I recieve on my PayPal account (ul@ullali.com), that truly warms my heart, that some wonderful and generous people even consider doing that! THANKS FROM MY HEART!

But there are SEVERAL of other ways you can support my dream and my 'Fairytale' without having money involved, and I am just as thankful for that.

So here are some ways you can support me, if you like to, and it's not just for DJs (though the first ones are): 

Playing my music on your great great Radio Show - if you're a DJ.

Posting Playlists on public Message Boards or web-sites - If you're a DJ.

Share my music with your co-DJs on your Radio.

Download my songs in BROADCAST QUALITY on AirPlay Direct. Free & Easy for Radio Stations!

Tell your listeners about me/my web-site: A fast link to my site is to just write: ullali.com

Ask your local Radio Station / DJ / DR to play my music.

Post a link to my web-sites (this one is the one I keep updated) on yours.

Link to me as friends on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook etc. if you are there too.

Add my Videos to your own pages or forward it to friends.

My Banner - Please feel very free to copy to your website! THANKS A MILLION!

Put my picture on your website and even 1 minute samples of my songs + link to my site. (Please do NOT put whole songs out there! That is not legal!)

Tell your friends about me and my music (There is a button on this site called Tell A Friend!) Below on this page are two ads you may copy and e-mail to friends too.

Vote for my songs on ECMA Charts, Soundclick or anywhere else you have access to.

Write nice reviews about my CD or single songs, anywhere you can think of (on Web-sites, Messageboards, Guestbooks, Magazines, Papers, CD-Baby, Soundclick).

Play my music to your friends - or to anyone you think would like it or could help promoting.(Consider to maybe buy my CD as a gift for your friends!?)

Put up posters or hand out little cards with my web-sites on in your local Country Music Club or where ever you see fit.(I will be happy to e-mail you some! Just write me: ul@ullali.com -Or just use the ads below on this page.

TIP me about great web-sites or Country Music Foras I should link into, get familiar with or write on.

Connect me with some BIG SHOTS! - Do you have any connections to some REAL big stars who may want to record my songs? (Alison Krauss I would REALLY love to be connected to!)...or some BIG SHOTS at Radio-, TV-shows or anyone else who could make a difference just telling about my story. Dr. Phil, Oprah Winfey (as my songs are in line with what they always talk about!) or how to get on stage on The Grand Ole Opry some day!?

TIP me if you have any connections in Movie / Commercial business....I would LOVE to have my music in a movie some day! (Or tip THEM that my songs are suitable for a movie...(many have said that!)

If you are located in Denmark you may also: Tell your local 'lecture community'  (Foredragsforening / Musik Klub / Pensionistklub etc.) about my lectures, about making dreams come true...my fairytale story (CD-Release Party). They are always welcome to contact me!

Also if you know of any fonds (Fonde, Legater, Sponsorer etc.) that may want to give financial donations to my next CD project, please tip me, send me a mail.

Or do you have ANY contacts and DR, TV2 etc.....please put in a word for me!

You know of some Stores, Clubs etc. who would help selling my CD, without a big charge?

Donations and sponsorship are not common in Denmark, but my Bank Account is published on my Buy CD site, should anyone feel a sudden urge to either donate or buy.

SEE how much YOU CAN DO!...I don't have a promoter - but YOU could be one, if you like to!? And I will LOVE if you want to!....I can't offer you anything in return but my warmest and most heartfelt THANKS from my heart. I hope you will be happy with just helping to spread my positive songs to a world that REALLY needs just that!...AND with making ME VERY HAPPY too!...and of course you have earned the right to 'brag about' how much YOU helped me forward!  

I don't have a promoter for several reasons:

I cant afford to have one.

I don't wish to 'be owned' by anyone! (...or told 'what to do' and not to do).

I like to stay friends with everyone (if possible....call me naive!?)

I LOVE to see how much I can accomplish with my music on my own, just by myself and with the help from great friends, fans and DJs from all over the world. See how far I made it in the first year! And see my latest news! Isn't that something!? It wouldn't have made me half as happy and proud if I had paid a promoter to make all that come true for me.