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My Dream – My Fairytale - & My New Dreams


Is it possible to go to Nashville Tennessee and, - just for the fun of it, as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ , - record two of your own songs in a professional studio, - and before you know it you ‘end up’ on the Top of the Charts in countries all over the world?

And four years later you even release your 2nd CD!?....


Well that is what I have done now! Sounds like a Fairytale hu? Well I am from Denmark, the oldest kingdom in the world and the homeland of the famous Poet and Faitytalewriter Hans Christian Andersen....so maybe I’m about to transform from an ugly duckling to a swan?  Anything IS possible I guess, if you do something with passion and from your heart, like my Dream-Come-True-project and my story that I’m about to share with you here. I hope my story will inspire other people to follow their own heart and dreams, no matter how ‘stupid it may sound’ to others.


So here is my ‘Fairytale’ and Dream, as it has happened. Below this, I will tell you about my new and future dreams, if you care to read that too....and maybe even help me forward?


In August 2004 my husband and I was going to Nashville Tennessee on vacation, since he was to attend a Steelguitar class. As I have been singing in various bands most of my life, but never got a good recording of my singing, I suddenly got the ‘crazy idea’: Is it possible to get a session in a professional studio in Nashville and just record a couple of my own songs, just for the fun of it, to see what it would be like and hear the result? A week before we left for Nashville, I had a deal with Mike Headrick in his wonderful Mikron Recording Studio, just outside of Nashville. I found one of my old songs (Magic Music) to be worthy for the session and wrote a brand new song called ‘Little Old Women’ just before we left. I had NO idea what to expect in the studio and only brought two very bad homerecordings with me, for the band to listen to. But these guys in the studio, boy they are PROs!!!! They understood what I wanted and the experience was THE MOST FANTASTIC THING for me! To hear MY OWN SONGS coming to live and sound like a dream, just like I wanted! NOTHING comparres to THAT! So on the way home in the airplane, I wrote my next song...called ‘How Come I Care’ – about the experience and the meeting with Mike Headrick, who already then seemed like a good old friend.


A week after we got home, we bought the next trip to Nashville, for six months later. This was something I needed to try again! Two months after we got home I had written six new songs, for my next recording session in January 2005. 


In January 2005 I recorded six new songs of my own. This time I was so much better preparred with what I brought with me, what I wanted and what they would expect from me in the studio. The experience was FANTASTIC once again, and so was the result. My producer Mike Headrick, and his wife Teri, liked my songs so much, that they suggested to put one of them on a promotion / compilation CD to DJs / Radio Stations. Boy was I proud of that! I now had 8 songs recorded, that I was SO proud of and wanted to share with the world. Too few for a whole CD though.....so the idea started to form in my head....I need four more songs...then I could try and publish a CD! I had NO idea how....but somehow!?


In August 2005 my very first song (‘It’s Buying Time Again’) was released on Country Discovery Records Compilation CD! And MUCH to my surprise and exitement, the sweet Country DJs seemed to love it! WOW! They all played MY song! ALL over the world! In fact they played it so much, that I even ended up on Worldwide Charts as ‘Most Played Country Mainstream Artist’ and in Europe on the ECMA Charts for Most Played Country Songs – with only that ONE song released! I have to say that THIS was a HUGE inspiration for me, to move on and do more songs! WOW! Think about it....there are thousands of great artists out there and MILLIONS of great songs to play....and they played MY SONG! Some of them, even over and over again! So....


In September 2005 I went back to the studio, for the third time, to record the last four songs, so I would then have 12 songs, all in all, and enough for a whole CD. This was to finish my Dream-Come-True-Project and (like the other two times in the studio), I cried my eyes out over the fantastic experience it was to record my own songs. This time I cried even more, since this would probably be my last time there, and I felt so grateful that I had been so blessed to make my dreams come true like this. The Themesong for my debut album, (‘A Dream Come True’), says it all....and listening to the lyrics of it, I may have had a preminition, that this might not be the end after all, but only the start!?:

“This it it! – This is new! – It’s the dream of my life coming true!  - It’s the songs from my heart! – It’s the ending....or is it the start?”


So now I had 12 songs recorded and I knew NOTHING about making, publishing or promoting a CD, what so ever! ...But I don’t really ‘know how to write music’ either and that never stopped me, so...!


On November 18th 2005 my debut CD (‘A Dream Come True’) was ready for release and I couldn’t WAIT to share it with the world!. Lucky for me (or was it clever?...probably both!) I had started to keeping tracks of all the spins / DJs / radiostations who played my first song on the compilation CD from my studio. Checking playlists on the internet and thanking DJs became a new daily exitement for me. I celebrated my first 100 spins, 200 spins and 300 spins jubilee before the end of the year, and always thinking that ‘it would end soon’. (Little did I know that, two years later, I would have a HUGE spreadsheet with more than 5000 spins and hundreds of DJs / Radiostations on my list, not to mention more than 300 times on the TOP of the Charts worldwide!) I sent ‘my dream’, my CD, to the most supportive DJs, who seemed to like my special style.


And WOW! Things happened! Every single day ever since, my songs has been getting airplay all over the world. Getting on the Top of the Charts. Radio interviews. More songs on compilation CDs. Wonderful feedback and reviews from all over the world. You have to check out my other ‘bragging pages’ to see it all. I am SO grateful and proud! NOTHING HAS EVER given me more pleassure, than making my dream come true and sharing my positive songs, values and beliefs with the world! It seems like, I now have friends and even fans, all over the world! I am SO gratefull for all the support and feedback I get! If something makes you THAT HAPPY....and people even seem to LIKE what you do.....then WHY STOP? So.....


In January 2007 I went back to Nashville and my studio for the fourth time, to record six new songs! Thanks to the FANTASTIC support from so many wonderful DJs all over the world, I decided to GO ON DREAMING and that is the Title of MY NEXT CD!


February 2008 I went back to Nashville and my studio for the FIFTH time, to record six new songs! This time I went to the famous MUSIC ROW in Nashville downtown, to get my songs mixed. The Sound Control Studio with Mark Moseley as mixing engenier is where all the BIG STARS of Nashville go! So I am now in real good company there, following artists like: ...Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Charley Pride, Tanya Tucker, George Jones, Trisha Yearwood, Lorrie Morgan, Ricky Skaggs, Patty Loveless, Lynn Anderson, Porter Wagoner, Rhonda Vincent and from the Nordics, Arly Karlsen...and now me!


In August 2008 my new CD ‘ I GO ON DREAMING’ will be ready for release! And like the first one, - I CAN’T WAIT to share it with the world, and see what happens! My favourite and most supportive DJs will recieve my new CD for sure. I wish I could afford to just send it to everybody, (DJs), but I would need a sponsor for that. Do you happen to know one? J Until I do have a sponsor, I do my very best to reach out to lots of DJs on all the compilation CDs and also have songs on AirPlay Direct for free download. In fact THREE of my new songs has already been released on compilation CDs and the first one (‘Don’t Trust A Man’) was SEVEN MONTH in a row on the TOP of the ECMA Charts and in the top in many countries too.


My new CD is dedicated to ALL the FANTASTIC DJs all over the world, who has supported my dream and my music beyond my wildest imagination, ever since the start! YOU have inspired me to go on dreaming, and to make more music, so YOU have made a huge difference in my life! And this goes for all future support and supporters too! You have no idea what your work means to independant artists like me! The themesong was written for YOU!


Hopefully my Story and the Titlesong ‘I GO ON DREAMING’ will also be an inspiration to other artists, since it tells the story about “a nobody from nowhere”, with a funny name, wrong age and figure, doing something that everybody told her ‘could not be done’ – and yet ALL her songs ended up on the charts....because of YOU!...My DJ Friends! (I will share the lyrics later!) Bless you!


So THIS IS my Fairytale A TRUE Story! Please share it with friends and people who need the inspiration, to just GO FOR THEIR DREAMS! May all your dreams come true too!


The Future – My Next Dreams?:

Besides going on making music....now that it seems I can...

  • Getting a sponsor would be REAL nice!
  • Getting my songs to some REAL BIG STARS and have them record & publish them!
  • Getting my music into movies / TV shows.
  • Grand Ole Opry performance...see ME there? OR A BIG STAR doing MY songs there!?
  • Translating my songs to Danish and get them recorded by wellknown Danish artists
  • SELLING MUCH more CDs!
  • Writing a Broadway Musical AND get it on!
  • Be able to live of my music, somehow.
  • Doing more lectures about making dreams come true
  • Inspire others to follow their hearts & dreams
  • Making a difference in the world somehow, through my music.


Yeah....I GO ON DREAMING, that’s for sure!!!! As the lyrics of my new Titlesong states:

“I Go On Dreaming, I have FUN Dreaming, - and isn't that what life is for, be happy and be wanting more? I keep smiling, have my dreams piling,...and on my tombstone it will say, '

She dreamt her life away!'....And 'See ya!'”


With love and BIG smiles

Your dreaming friend in music



If you want to support my Dream & my Fairytale (further), please have a look here, how you may do it!