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My 2nd. CD - I Go On Dreaming

My 2nd CD was released on August 25th. 2008!

On this Page you may listen to the songs (samples), read about the stories / thoughts behind & see the Lyrics.


My dear Friends in Music!


I Go On Dreaming

- is the title of my 2nd. CD, and this is a fact too, more than you know! This is a logical follow up title to my debut CD (‘A Dream Come True’) and you have no idea how exited I am to share this CD with you all. It is 12 brand new, original songs by yours truly, - recorded, produced and mixed in Jasper & Nashville Tennessee in Mikron Recording Studio & Sound Control Studio on the famous Music Row in downtown Nashville. I am SO proud and exited about this new album. I hope you will be too! Below I will share some info and stories about the CD and the songs on it. But first of all...



This CD is dedicated to all the wonderful, dedicated and supportive people around the world, who believed in me and supported my dream and my music ongoingly, ever since the release of my debut CD. YOU are the reason why I GO ON DREAMING now, with this, my 2nd. CD! The theme song is dedicated to you. Thank you from my heart for all your fantastic support and feedback! You have made a huge difference in my life! Bless you all for what you do. May all your dreams come true too!


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The Songs on this CD:

Let me tell you a little bit about my thoughts behind the songs, on this my ‘new dream’ and 2nd CD “I Go On Dreaming”.

You can listen to samples of all the 12 songs in this new video on You Tube. The video is also available below, on this page!


1. I Go On Dreaming – 3:49

The Title- & Theme song is dedicated to ALL the DJs and fantastic supporters, (of my first CD / dream), who inspired me to go on dreaming now. (Please read more below).

This is a bubbly, happy ‘swingy thingy’ (almost Big Band/Broadway Show style, - but still with that Nashville Sound), that tells my story as it has been for me: Imagine what it feels like to write a simple song, getting it recorded with some of the greatest musicians in the world, , being ‘a nobody from nowhere’, against all odds and ‘good advice’ releasing a CD and suddenly you find that ALL your songs has hit the charts as most played country songs! Is that a dream or what? As the lyrics goes: ”I go on dreaming! ...And on my tombstone it will say: 'She dreamt her life away! And: See ya!'”

Link to Lyrics


2. Don’t Trust A Man – 3:50

Perhaps ’the most Country’ of all my songs and maybe that is why this song was NINE MONTHS in a row on the TOP (as #12) of famous ECMA Charts, as one of the most played Country songs in Europe! And even as number 1 & 2 in several countries. (See My TOP Charts).  The song was released on Country Discovery Records Spring 2007 Compilation CD.


This song is actually the oldest one of all the songs I have released. The melody and the first part of the lyrics is from way back in time, when I was very young and had just met the man I finally married, years later. Well he obviously stood me up one night and made me mad that he didn’t call, as he promised he would....so I wrote this song. Before recording it I added a new second part to it, to reflect the person I am today, older and wiser. Wrong expectations, lack of trust/respect and/or taking the other one for granted may kill even the best relationship and love in the world. SO TRUST your man!...Maybe I should have called it that.

Link to Lyrics


3. He’s From Mars – 4:19

“But he sure is from Mars” is the ending of Don’t Trust A Man....This song tell you what I mean by that. The song is obviously, partially inspired by the bestseller book “Men are from Mars & women are from Venus” by John Gray. Even if you do have ‘that true love’ that seems so hard to find, you have to deal with, that you are ‘kind of’ from two different planets in some ways. There is nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just a fact, and we all have to respect each others ways and try to understand and love it all. So my dear “Marsians”, I sure don’t mean to offend you! On the contrary!

Link to Lyrics


4. Can You Hear Me – 4:10

Is a very sweet love song & waltz, that reminds me a bit of ‘Could I have this dance, for the rest of my life’, which I love. Nothing compares to the divine true love. If you are blessed with that, you are never really alone or  ‘apart’ from the one you love, weather it’s a man, woman or your God. So you may hear it as a Gospel too!

Link to Lyrics


5. Tick Tock Time Flies – 3:32

The only thing we really know for sure, is that time flies and someday our ‘life account of hours’ runs to an end, so don’t waste your time, cause time IS your life. “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you get” is one of my favorite quotes (from Forrest Gump) and that is true. I think of life as “a buffet”, (and a lot of ‘presents’) with everything lined up on it, just for me to pick and chose the things I love from. If I eat something I don’t like, it’s my own fault, and I will at least have learned ‘the taste’ I don’t want again. Then move on, and don’t let any ‘bad taste’ from the past ruin the rest of my life!

My mixing engenier so kindly said, that this song would have been a mega hit, if it had been released by The Carpenters in the sixties! Wow! Time will tell what it will become with yours truly in the present. I sent this song to the Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark, but guess I was like 40 years too late!?

Link to Lyrics


6. Follow The Flow – 3:24

Everything happens for a reason! That is my true conviction and my motto of life (one of them). Sometimes life shows you stuff that you don’t like, or just don’t see ‘the point’ in, when it happens. But if you want to see the bright light of the sun in the morning, you have to live through the dark night! And the sun WILL shine tomorrow, even if it is covered by a cloud or two. Change can be scary to most people, (you know what you have, but not what you will get). I have made it a habit of mine to expect that things will turn out even BETTER after a change! And you know what...it usually does! Maybe it’s ’The Law of Attraction’? You get what you focus on! This song tell you about two examples and I am sure you all know lots of other good examples! We just have to follow the flow of life and learn from it all.

Link to Lyrics


7. Someday – 5:06

A sad lovesong for reflection: Some things in life can just make you so sad, that you think you will never stop crying, like when losing a loved one, one way or the other. The word ‘Someday’ expresses ‘a future indefinitely event’. ‘Someday’ may never come, it’s just a dream, reflection or illusion of what COULD be...IF you ever put your heart and mind into it and make it a goal. Most people really want ‘that true love’ in their life, forever and beyond, but some people will never get it, because they keep living in the past and find it hard to trust a new person, if once hurt before. So they may lose the ‘love of their life’ simply because they live in the past and don’t give it a chance. That is so sad. Especially when all you have to do is TRUST, and that is a decision one can make right now! What is the worst thing that can happen? You get burned again? Or you lose the love of your life? Is that a hard choice? Don’t make it ’someday’….make it now, while you can!      

Link to Lyrics


8. You Gotta Be Positive – 4:06

We all know ‘those days’ when everything seems like a disaster right from the very morning, and you feel, you should have just stayed in bed. Traffic jams, speeding tickets, late for meetings etc. You can let that ruin your whole day and spread bad vibes around you, OR you can chose to just laugh at it, and stay positive. The good thing about it is, that we do have the choice to decide. Why worry about things we can’t change or control, like traffic jams or red lights. The more you let it get to your nerves, the more ‘accidents’ is likely to happen. Think about it as a time for reflection that you were just given, think of something nice and stay positive! There may even be a good reason why this is happening? Something you hadn’t thought of? Keep smiling!

Link to Lyrics


9. Respect – 3:30

This may sound like an average sad love song, but it is not ‘just that’. This song was inspired by a huge ‘conflict of cultures’ in and against my Country recently. Respect was the word of the day, and people were demanding respect and understanding, in violent ways, not showing much respect the other way around, and not realizing, that respect and understanding is a two way street, among cultures, as well as in a marriage and any other relationship. This truly upset me and made me so very sad. Why do people always want to change each other? Why can’t we respect each others ways and cultures or at least just accept it and live in peace together? Why do some people get married and then try to change the one they love?...later maybe get divorced because ‘you are not the person I married anymore!” I don’t expect to win a “Miss Universe contest” by saying “World peace” or “Peace on earth” with this song. I just wish we could all agree on RESPECT on earth...then the peace would follow!

Link to Lyrics


10. How Is It Possible – 4:53 - Duet with Joe Barnhill.

This is a duet and sweet love song about two people from different parts of the world and the true love they share, even if they have never met in ‘the real world’, but only in ‘cyperspace’ and in spirit. How is it possible? To even feel another human being is thinking of you, like ‘pounding in your heart’. I only know it is possible and more and more couples find their true love ‘on the internet’ and when, or if they finally meet ‘in real life’, they will have talked more about all their lifephilosophies, values and everything, than most married couples do in a lifetime, and even have the feeling that ‘this was meant to be’....because what are the chances?

Link to Lyrics


11. What Are The Chances – 3:55

What are the chances that you will connect to a person, on the other side of the world, and right from the start, you just feel that you know this person and have so many things in common, that you come to love and respect each other? With the internet the world is getting smaller everyday and this happens to a lot of people. I don’t believe in “coincidences” or “chance” as such. I am sure whenever I meet a new person, it has a purpose and a meaning to it. At least something to learn from and at least to one of us. Who knows what we may learn from each other or how we may influence each others lives, and what will be the outcome? I find that thought so inspiring and exiting, like I am sure I am always guided in the right way, by someone wiser than me....only just a “click” away! You may hear this as Gospel too only in swingy-kinda-Big Band-Broadway-Show-style with the Nashville Country style touch.

Link to Lyrics


12. My Father In Heaven – 3:53

This is a Gospel song / Psalm. Many people have asked me to do more Gospel songs. My reply has always been, that I would love to, but I don’t have the words for doing so. There is a touch of Gospel in most of my songs, if you listen carefully. But I am a Dane...we usually don’t ‘flash our religion’ or try to ‘convict/persuade’ our beliefs onto other people, that is a private and personal matter, where I come from. Having said that enough times, a ‘helping hand’ (or more like ‘get it done NOW!) was sent to me. The minister of the church in Denmark wrote out a contest to write new melodies for some old Psalms. I wrote TWO within half an hour! I didn’t win the contest, but I won the inspiration, and once the melody was written, the words came flooding like waiting to get out. Some songs just WANT to get out there...so ‘someone’ may be needing this one.  

Link to Lyrics


If you have read this far, I want to thank you for reading it all. I will LOVE, if you will leave a comment in my Guestbook and also please share my site with your friends and family, if you like my messages!  Bless You!


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More about why I go on dreaming – My story:

My very first Recording Session in Nashville was in August 2004, where I only recorded two of my own songs. That was "supposed to be" a "once-in-a-lifetime-experience" for me,...just for the fun of it!....But...I got 'hooked' (in the very best way), so after two more recording sessions, my debut CD 'A Dream Come True' was released (in Dec. 2005) and that was "supposed to be" a "once-in-a-lifetime-dream-come-true-experience" too!....But nothing has ever thrilled me more, than making my dreams come true, recording my own songs in Nashville and sharing it all, with the whole world. All the wonderful attention and feedback I have gotten from all over the world, and over 300 times on the TOP of the Charts worldwide, (so far), has been an excitement, acknowledgment and inspiration, far beyond what I ever even dared dreaming of. I only hope that my songs and my story will be an inspiration to other people to go on and make your dreams come true, no matter how silly they may seem...at least to others!


Read my whole Fairytale Story & Dreams here, if you like!?

To read about my debut CD 'A Dream Come True' click here. And for the songs and lyrics on it, click here.

I Go On Dreaming - 12 songs (samples) Video: