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My 2008 Status

2008 was another FANTASTIC year for me, with so many wonderful things happening. I was back recording in Nashville again. My second CD “I Go On Dreaming” was released and so very well received by DJs & fans all over the world. Even National Danish Radio (DR, P4) have been kind to me.

I managed to get on YouTube with some videos and samples of my songs, which people seem to enjoy. I also joined Facebook where I even have a Fansite now. It thrills me when people join me there, and link to me as friends and/or fans, - please do, if you are there too!? It will make me very happy and also help me a lot...more than you know.

AirPlay Direct is another new site for me, where Radio Stations can download three of my songs in broadcast quality, for free. And on top of that a new line dance has been made for my “Don’t Trust A Man”...and I’m told that more dances are on the way!....You see why I go on dreaming?

Below is my status, for what I call MY YEAR 3, as a recording artist (since the release of my debut CD). I still keep track of all spins, Charts and DJs who support my music & my dream, the best I can! THANKS FROM MY HEART for all your 'heart' work! That truly means a world to me!

I am still THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on reporting Independant Country Radio Stations, outside of Denmark in 2008!





- My 5th. Recording session in Nashville TN.

- 6 new, original songs of my own, recorded at Mikron Studio / Country Discovery Records

- Mixing was done on Music Row, downtown Nashville, where all the big stars come too.

- Photo Session in Nashville, doing pictures for my new CD with a pro (with Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner among his famous clients) .



- He’s From Mars – on Country Discovery Records, Summer/Fall compilation CD in July.

- A Dream Come True – on Artist’s Carousel Compilation CD, in July.

- My 2nd. CD “I Go On Dreaming” was released in late August, with 12 new original songs of my own.

- All Lyrics & Stories behind are available here: CD1 - CD2 

- Clik here to see all my Compilation CDs.



In April I started loading my song & videos on YouTube, with more than 5.000 views so far, of:

- Seasons & Cycles  - Sample. Pictures from my garden.

- When Heaven Calls  - Whole song. Pictures from my hometown mainly.

- A Dream Come True – Sample. Pictures from Nashville & Peru

- You’ve Gotta Love – Samples of 3 songs on my debut CD. – My hometown pictures.

- I Go On Dreaming – Samples of all 12 songs on my 2nd. CD – Pictures of my band and me.



- Don’t Trust A Man – Step Sheets are available on my site here.

- He’s From Mars – I am told it is almost finished!

- Tick Tock Time Flies - I am told it is almost finished!

Please keep an eye on my Line Dance page! I shall post everything I get, for you there, and hope you will enjoy them a lot and share them with your line dancer friends. I am so thrilled, grateful and proud that these step sheets were made.

1. IT’S BUYING TIME AGAIN – my very first single!
2. DON’T TRUST A MAN – From my new / 2nd CD!
4. + 5. SEASONS & CYCLES  / WHAT MAKES A GOOD DAY GOOD? (It’s a tie between the two!)

These five songs have all been released on compilation CDs! My new songs, from my new CD, are doing REAL GREAT with catching up on my old songs. It is always so exiting for me to see, which songs people like the most.


- 6200 spins jubilee in total, on Dec 22nd.  2008 – that I know of (from posted playlists).

- 1700 SPINS of my songs in 2008! (again: that I know of from posted playlists!)

- = almost 5 spins in average per day, all year! (not counting Soundclick etc.!)

- Great airplay on National Danish Radio: DR P4 DK, Eldorado, P4 Kbh & P4 Sjælland + DR Country Net Radio.

- One hour exclusive show & interview by/with DJ, Per Kildahl on Radio Helsingør.

- One hour exclusive show & interview by/with DJ, Carsten Nielsen on Radio Ådalen, Skjern.

- CD of the Month on Country Action Show on 20 Danish Radio Stations by/with DJ, Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard.




Australia, - Austria - Belgium, - Canada, - Chez Republic, Denmark (incl. National Danish Radio (P4 DK, P4 Kbh & P4 Sjælland, Eldorado, HitHouse & Country Net Radio), - England, - France, - Germany, - Ireland, - Italy, - Israel, - Japan, - Malta, - Netherlands, - New Zealand, - Norway, - Poland, - Schwitzerland, - Scotland, - Sweden, - USA, & Worldwide on several great Internet Radio Stations / Broadcasts.



- 58 times on the Charts in 2008 as most played Country Song or Artist (ECMA & WW).

- 322 times on the Charts in total, since my debut CD was released.

- My “Don’t Trust A Man” was 19 weeks in a row on the famous ECMA Charts, best as #12 most played song in Europe!

- #38 on the USA TOP Trax Charts – Most Played Artists.

- And much much more, that I am so proud of! Please check out my TOP CHARTS.



Apart from my main web-site: ullali.com you can now find me on:

- YouTube - My Videos

- Facebook - My Friends & Fans

- AirPlay Direct - Radio Stations can download songs.

- MySpace

- CD Baby

- Soundclick

- Netlog  + Friends & Fans Clan 

I also got a site in Danish now, and Danish Bio.

And also,...well...‘who knows’ how many other sites & networks I am on....too many to look into them all for sure! Facebook is my favorite networking site these days.



Not all my sites have counters on, so not all has been accounted for, but year to date I have counted:

- 70.000 visits, in total, on my sites – the ones that I keep track of!

- 5.500 views on my videos on YouTube & MySpace, since April.

- 1.000 Friends & Fans on Facebook, MySpace & NetLog



A very well known Danish Artist has asked me to translate some of my songs to Danish, so she can record them! So of course I am doing that too!



Still doing lectures about my Dream-Come-True-Experience for lots of nice people. My goal is to inspire others to follow their heart and dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem!



I have recently started working on getting my music into Films & TV! In November I joined an A&R Company in The US and I am very proud to say that I have already got a song forwarded to a Publisher & Music Library for TV and Film Licencing! So just wait and see.....Hollywood....here “I” comeeee! Or I better say...my music will come!

Another dream & goal is to get my music to some REAL BIG STARS ‘over there’!



Of course I have started writing new songs. I’m not saying when there will be a 3rd CD from me yet, but I go on dreaming...that is for sure!



For caring enough to read! And THANKS again to everyone who help me promoting my music!

You are the reasons why I have made my 2nd CD now! So in that way you have made a BIG difference in my life...and hopefully also to some of the people who listens to my lyrics and songs! If you want to support me further I have a list with some ideas here!


THANK YOU & BLESS YOU ALL for making me this happy and proud!!

Your happy & grateful Friend in Music