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My 2007 Status

2007 was another FANTASTIC year for me, with so many wonderful things happening. Below is my status for what I call MY YEAR 2 as a recording artist (since the release of my debut CD). I still keep track of all spins, Charts and DJs who support my music & my dream! THANKS FROM MY HEART for all your 'heart' work! That truly means a world to me, and I won't forget you when my new CD is ready!

I am still THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on reporting Independant Country Radio Stations outside of Denmark in 2007!


IN NASHVILLE, January 2007:

- I recorded 6 new (original) songs at Mikron Studio / Country Discovery Records

- I did performance and interview on  2 TV Shows in Nashville, recorded at KMA Records

- One hour live interview on Worldwide, WICR Radio Broadcast, with DJ Julie Taylor.


SONGS in 2007:

2 NEW SONGS released on Country Discovery Records compilation CDs in 2007:

- Don’t Trust A Man – Spring 2007

- Gotta Be Positive – Winter 2007

- 8 of my songs are on compilation CDs now in total!

- My new DON’T TRUST A MAN is now my 2nd most played song of them all, with 56 times somewhere on the ECMA Charts and 16 weeks in a row on TOP 20/30! Best as #12! But as #1 in several Countries!

- IT’S BUYING TIME AGAIN (my first single) is still my most played song!

- WHEN HEAVEN CALLS is now my 3rd. most played song!

My TOP 5 most played songs are now:
1. IT’S BUYING TIME AGAIN – my very first single!
2. DON’T TRUST A MAN – only released on compilation CD in Dec. 2007!
These five songs are all released on compilation CDs! My ‘LITTLE OLD WOMEN and my ‘IT DIDN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT are constantly competing as no. 6 most played song real close after!  Please check MY TOP CHARTS for more information and updates.


4500 spins jubilee in total, on Dec 27th. 2007 - in two years. (That I know of!)

2000 SPINS of my songs in 2007! (that I know of from posted playlists!)

= almost 6 spins in average per day, all year! (not counting Soundclick etc.!) And these are only the spins accounted for on posted playlists. People tell me it's probably more than twice this much, since not all DJs post palylists.


CHARTS in 2007:

- 127 times on the Charts Worldwide, as most played Country Artist or most played song.

- 80 times somewhere on the ECMA Charts (in countries and on ECMA TOP 100)

- 16 weeks in a row on the ECMA TOP 20/30 with my DON’T TRUST A MAN.

- 13 of my 14 released songs has been on the ECMA Charts as most played songs.

- 11 times on Joyce Ramgaties TOP 40 / TOP 200 – Best as #1 with Don’t Trust A Man!

- 8 months on TOP TRAX USA Airplay Charts. Best as: #48.

OBS! These are just the numbers from 2007! My totals are over 260 times now, you may find them on My Top Charts page, on my web-site, where I keep track of them all!



Apart from my THIS my main web-site: www.clik.to/ulla I am now on:

- MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ullalindstroem

- CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/ullalindstroem

- Soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/ullalindstroem

- Netlog: http://en.netlog.com/Ulla_Lindstroem (including some networking ‘clans’ there)

- Number One Music: http://www.numberonemusic.com/ullalindstroem/

I also got a page in Danish now, on here.

And also,  ‘who knows’ how many other networks I am on....too many to look into them all for sure!



Australia, - Austria - Belgium, - Canada, - Chez Republic, Denmark (incl. National Danish Radio (P4, HitHouse & Web radio), - England, - France, - Germany, - Ireland, - Italy, - Israel, - Japan, - Malta, - Netherlands, - New Zealand, - Norway, - Poland, - Schwitzerland, - Scotland, - Sweden, - USA, & Worldwide / on several Internet Radio stations / Broadcasts. (135 DJs that I know of)



A very well known Danish Artist has asked me to translate some of my songs to Danish, so she can record them! So of course I have started doing that too!



Still doing lectures about my Dream-Come-True-Experience for lots of nice people. My goal is to inspire others to follow their heart and dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem! I LOVE meeting people like this! Please feel free to contact me!



Co-wrote four new songs with my new co-writer Mr. Grant Wheeler, mostly by making music to his lyrics, but also working a lot together on the lyrics. Plans are do do much more....time will tell!?



For caring enough to read! And THANKS again to everyone who helps me promoting my music! You are the reasons why I go on doing my 2nd CD now! So that way you have made a BIG difference in my life...and hopefully also to some of the people who listens to my lyrics and songs! If you want to support me further I have a list with some ideas here!

THANK YOU & BLESS YOU ALL for making me this happy and proud!!


Your happy & grateful