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My Dear Friends in Music!....I am extremely happy and proud to present my very first Step Sheet for a LineDance for one of my songs, called Don't Trust A Man. I am told it is a beginners dance, so I hope it will be easy for everybody and fun to learn. My warmest & biggest thanks to my friend, and dancer, Leif Wittoff who made the choreography for this one....I hope that many will follow in your great footsteps....so to speak!

It is my hope that this dance, (& my song), will bring lots of joy and many happy hours to lots of enthusiastic line dancers around the world! Please feel VERY FREE to link to my site on yours, and to link to me, become friends / fans, on Facebook too, if you are there too. It will help me spread the happy vibes of my music throughout the world....more than you know! Bless you all and have FUN!

With love, Your Very Happy & Proud Friend in Music....Ulla  -  December 3rd. 2008.

Don´t Trust A Man - Step Sheet


Choreographer: Leif Wittorff, Denmark, December 2008

4 Wall Beginner/intermediate – 32 Count

Music: Don´t Trust A Man by Ulla Lindstroem (108 BPM)

Album: I Go On Dreaming (august 2008)

Buy Music: http://ullalindstroem.bravehost.com/My2ndCD.html

Intro 16: Start on vocals, on word “Man”


Tag: after 3. wall (9 o´clock) Rocking chair.

Restart: in 6. wall after 8 count (6 o´clock) (after unwind ½ turn- weight on left)

Tag: after 8. wall (12 0´clock) Rocking Chair, after 11. wall ( 9 0´clock) Rocking Chair.


Section 1

Chassé, Back rock, Chassé, Unwind ½ turn

1&2 Step right foot to right side, step left beside right, Step right foot to right side

3 - 4 Rock back left, recover right

5&6 Step left foot to left side, step right beside left, Step left foot to left side

7 - 8 Touch right toe behind left foot, turn ½ (weight on right)

(Restart: 6. wall after 8 count (6 o´clock) after unwind ½ turn- weight on left)


Section 2

Rock fwd. left, Coaster, Sway right and left, Chassé right

 1 - 2 Rock Fwd. left, recover on right

3&4 Step left back, step right beside left, step fwd. left

5 - 6 Sway right, left

7&8 Step right foot to right side, step left beside right, Step right foot to right side


Section 3

Heel Grind ¼ turn left, Coaster step left, Rock fwd. right, Lock step back right

1 - 2 Touch left heel fwd, turn (weight on left) ¼ left (end with weight on right)

3&4 Step left back, step right beside left, step fwd. left

5 - 6 Rock Fwd. right, recover left

7&8 Step right back, lock left across right, step back right


Section 4

¼ turn left x 2, Behind side cross right, Siderock right, ½ step turn left

1 - 2 Step left foot to left making ¼ turn ( facing 12 o´clock)

        Step right fwd making ¼ turn ( facing 9 o´clock - weight on right)

3&4 Step left behind right, step right to right, step left across right

5 - 6 Rock right to right, recover left

7 - 8 Step fwd. right, turn ½ left


Enjoy this wonderfull music!

This dance is dedicated to Ulla Lindstroem - Thanks for good music ! From...


Choreography contact:

Leif Wittorff

E-mail: wilwijo@gmail.com

Website: http://www.wijo.dk/

You will find this dance as a PDF-file on Leif's web-site too, if you like that better! Thanks again Leif!

You may hear a sample of this song (and all the others on the CD), on my video on YouTube (it's song number 2!). Click here to listen.