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A Very Warm Welcome to my Website!

THANKS a lot for visiting my website! I hope you will enjoy your stay and my Dream Come True Fairytale Story!

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CD1 - 'A Dream Come True' is my debut CD, with 12 of my own original songs recorded in Nashville, Tennessee

CD2 - 'I Go On Dreaming' is my 2nd. CD, also with 12 of my own original songs recorded in Nashville, Tennessee 

My name is Ulla Lindstroem, I am an Independant Nashville Recording Artist & Singer-Song-Writer from Denmark. The last years, since August 2004 has been the most fantastic years in my life, ever since I got the idea of going to Nashville and record two of my own songs, just for the fun of it, as a 'Once In A Lifetime Experience'.  One year later I had been in the studio in TN recording three times and even released my own CD, in December 2005!

One year after the release of my debut CD, I found myself to be THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on Reporting Independant Country Music Radio Stations outside of Denmark!

In late August 2008 my 2nd. CD will be released, and I have now been in the studio in Nashville 5 times and even mixing on the famous Music Row in Nashville, where all the BIG STARS come.  

I have made this web-site to tell you all about my fantastic journey, and 'dream-come-true-fairytale-story', from being "nobody from nowhere' recording a couple of songs in Nashville just for fun, to suddenly having been 5 times recording in the studio in Nashville, released 2 CDs with 24 original songs of my own, had 10 songs out on compilation CDs, getting airplay all over the world, been over 300 times on the TOP of the Charts worldwide, had ALL my released songs on the world famous ECMA Charts as most played Country songs in Europe and being THE MOST PLAYED DANISH COUNTRY ARTIST on reporting Independant Radiostations!.....is THAT REALLY POSSIBLE?....They say it isn't....but that is what happened!

I have stuctured this site so it should be easy for you to find the information you may want about my music, CDs, Lyrics, me etc.

Here is an easy index for you. Just click on the link to the information you would like to see:

My Dream Come True Fairytale Story - the whole story, more than above.

My Debut CD - A Dream Come True - The Songs, Lyrics & Stories behind the songs on it.

My 2nd. CD - I Go On Dreaming - Including the Songs, Stories Behind & Lyrics.

My TOP of the Charts Status - which Songs, Seatings, Countries & Charts - I update this frequently.

My News Page - I update this frequently.

My Compilation CDs - where you will find my songs, if you are a DJ.

My Videos - I am on YouTube - please add me and/or subscribe to me, if you are there too.

Who I am - Some background information about me.

Buy my CDs  - Directly from me, if you want a signed copy, or on CD-Baby.

My Pictures - From Nashville, The Studio & me.

My Reviews - What people say and write about me & my songs.

My Yearly Status of what happened:  2006 - 2007 - 2008

Ways you can support me & my dream, if you care to? - Bless you if you do!

My links - All the sites you may find me on and LINK TO ME, ADD ME as your friend, SUBSCRIBE to me, BECOME A FAN/FRIEND in music, listen to or download my music etc. I try to be 'everywhere' the best I can! MySpace, YouTube, Facebook etc. Being independant, as I am, I appreciate all the help I can get, to spread the knowledge about my music & positive vibes around the world.

DK Links - Links to Danish / Scandinavian Country Music & Radio etc. (DANSK). 

On the LEFT HAND SIDE and in the TOP of each page you will also see links to everything. And many places on each side you will find links to what I refer to, so it should be easy for you to navigate.

Please leave me a message in my Guestbook if you have enjoyed my site, my music & my story.....and/or if you have any good ideas for me! THANK YOU & BLESS YOU! Enjoy your visit!

THANK YOU from my heart to everyone - especially DJs - who supports my dream and who has helped making my dream come true, over and over again, in such a fantastic way!

BIIIIIG HAPPY SMILES & THANKS from your friend in music, Ulla

12 Compilation CDs with 12 of my songs on:

#12 on The ECMA Charts December 27th. 2007 :